1Voice Foundation began in 2008 when several members of the Tampa community that had been dealing strictly with the research and clinical trial portion of childhood cancer recognized a need for family input and interaction. They immediately reached out to a group of mothers of children that had been diagnosed with childhood cancer and lost their battle.

Through their battle, this group of mothers identified several needs they had when their child was diagnosed with this terrible disease and felt there were several shortcomings that needed to be addressed. It then became the vision of this foundation, with the support of these amazing moms, to band together and unite as one voice in battling childhood cancer in honor of their own children and the countless others that are currently fighting this disease.

The 1Voice Foundation recognized key areas that needed to come together under ONE organization in order to make a dramatic impact on childhood cancer both nationally and worldwide.

We have lots of fun events planned . Check the Facebook page for details.

1 Voice Foundation is working hard to open the first pediatric cancer school in the country! When you are looking for a cause to support remember 1 Voice :) http://www.1voicefoundation.org/